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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Resources

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Resources

  1. For Blue Cross NC’s latest information on the coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit:

  2. Humana is committed to helping our members access the care and coverage they need during this evolving public health event. Learn more about COVID-19 and read the latest information about what we're doing to help support our members.

  3. UnitedHealthcare to Cover Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing - If you have been around someone who has the virus and think you have it, call your primary care doctor. UnitedHealthcare will cover testing for Coronavirus (COVID-19) at approved locations for insured, Medicaid and Medicare members.

  4. UnitedHealth Group Reinforces Actions Taken to Provide Members and Patients with COVID-19 Support and Resources - UnitedHealth Group UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH), UnitedHealthcare and Optum are taking action to ensure health plan members and patients affected by COVID-19 have the support and resources they need.

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